Taking your hand on a journey to recovery

Being sexually assaulted is often very frightening and it is not surprising that most people feel distressed and traumatised by the attack. Often talking can help sort out any confusion over your options, especially talking with someone who is trained to support you. This can be very helpful at a time when you may feel that everything in your life is confusing and out of control.

The Independent Sexual Violence Advisor Service (ISVA) we offer will provide you with practical support, information and guidance.  Services that an ISVA can help you with are:

  • Helping you make informed choices about your future options.
  • Enabling you to understand what relevant criminal, legal and civil remedies and housing options you have.
  • Developing a support plan for you to address risks /support that you need.
  • Making sure you are aware of the services to which you are entitled to and advocate for you to help you access services.
  • Going through the Criminal Justice system with you, helping you understand the procedures and your rights within that system.
  • Helping you make a witness statement and attending court.
  • Keeping you informed about your case progress.
  • Assisting you in accessing special measures.
  • Liaising with the police, CPS and other service providers on your behalf.
  • Providing information and support in relation to Criminal Injuries Compensation.
  • Helping you to develop your own support network.
  • Arranging meetings and attending them with you with other agencies/services as necessary, for instance, sexual health services, the GP, mental health, drug and alcohol, counselling, housing etc.
  • Supporting your family members and signposting them to appropriate services.

Our ISVAs are victim-focused advocates, willing to support you in your particular circumstances. They can meet you to discuss your needs or be reached by telephone on 01202 308858 or e-mail: