Children & Young People (CYP)

Contact us to access specialist counselling and ISVA services for children and young people

Specialist counselling and ISVA services for children and young people

The role of a CYP ISVA at Dorset Rape Crisis is to:

Provide specialist, tailored support to children and young people who are survivors of sexual violence across Dorset.

Our CYP ISVA service consists of one full time and two part time advisors. Our team provides accurate and impartial information to the young person, their families or carers about all of their options. Our CYP ISVAs develop a person-centred, support plan that is based on the individual risks and needs of the survivor. Paramount to this is safeguarding the physical and mental welfare of the young person.

Our ISVAs also provide information on other services that young people may require, for example: health & well-being and counselling services.

Information provided can include victims’ rights, health and well-being, reporting to the police, criminal justice process and support services where applicable.

An essential element of the CYP ISVA role is to provide practical and emotional support to the survivor. Children and young people who have experienced sexual violence and abuse are likely to be extremely vulnerable and ISVA support should be undertaken with sensitivity and discretion.

Practical support can include making referrals or signposting to other agencies, booking and/or accompanying the young person to medical or other appointments, liaising with statutory services such as education providers and children’s social care. It also includes supporting the survivor to engage with the criminal justice process including supporting the survivor to make a report to the police, attending pre-trial court visits and completing their personal statement.

Emotional support is helping the survivor understand the potential impact of sexual violence and abuse on health and well-being. The ISVA team help to dispel myths and stereotypes surrounding sexual violence to challenge feelings of guilt and blame.  Referrals can also be made for children and young people to access counselling from our specialist CYP counsellors.

The CYP ISVA contact number is 01202 308852.