Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre is an independent charity providing a range of specialist support services to anyone living, working or studying in Dorset who has been affected by any form of sexual violence.

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Our Aims

a. We aim to empower and enable anyone, of any age who has suffered from any sort of sexual violence or rape, or is supporting a survivor, to work with the trauma they have experienced and gain health to live their lives as they would wish.
b. To relieve the trauma, whether psychological, emotional , social or physical of persons and their families who have experienced or otherwise suffered as a result of rape, other sexual assault, sexual/domestic abuse, sexual exploitation or sexual harassment of any kind by providing support, help or assistance of any kind; and
c. To advance the education of the public in the subject of rape, sexual/domestic abuse, sexual exploitation or sexual harassment and/or its psychological, physical, emotional or social impact on women, men and children by such means as the trustees deem fit.

In order to fulfill these aims, the objectives of Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre are:

• To provide a confidential telephone helpline
• To provide practical and emotional support to survivors through our ISVA service
• To provide support through the Criminal Justice System
• To provide information and advice to individuals, communities and agencies
• To provide one-to-one therapeutic counselling
• To provide well-being workshops and other group-work support
• To recruit staff and volunteers
• To provide training, support and supervision to staff and volunteers
• To deliver training to professionals, other agencies, employers and the wider community
• To provide information and advice to individuals and agencies
• To raise awareness on the issues and impact of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence
• To monitor and evaluate service delivery and policies on a continual basis involving staff, volunteers and clients who use the service
• To work with other professionals, individuals and agencies to further the aims of Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre
• To raise funds to meet the needs of the service
• To identify areas of unmet need and take appropriate action

OUR Patron

Julie Hesmondhalgh

As Trish Winterman in Broadchurch

Good evening everyone, I’m so sorry I can’t be there tonight. I am very proud to be Patron of Dorset Rape Crisis, having seen at close quarters the important work they do in incredibly challenging circumstances. The help they gave me whilst researching my role as Trish in the third series of Broadchurch was priceless, I couldn’t have done it without them, and what I learned had a profound effect on me.  
The overwhelming numbers of women coming forward to report serious sexual assaults and rapes is staggering, and this stretched and underfunded vital service is working miracles in terms of providing immediate and long term support for survivors, of all ages and from all social groups, many of whom have literally nowhere else to turn. 
I hope you have a lovely evening tonight, championing the incredible work carried out daily by DRC, and raising loads to ensure that their essential work can continue.  I want to thank you all for your generosity, but to send special love and gratitude to those working at the coalface of Serious Sexual Assault every day.  You are amazing, and we salute you. Thank you.


I've been a volunteer counsellor at DRCSC since May 2014 and although the work can be challenging, seeing the clients grow is the best reward imaginable! The training and support provided is excellent and I feel very lucky to be part of such an amazing team 😊
The training I received prior to becoming a volunteer at DRCSC has been invaluable. I consider it a privilege to work in a place that provides an outstanding service for those who use it. It is also reassuring to work along side other volunteers who share the same levels of professionalism and passion in a service where I feel very supported in my practice.
Hayley B
I have long held the aspiration of working with young people, however was only ever told that you could be a teacher or a childcare worker, so I fell into administration as my career. I ended up job hopping every couple of years as Admin wasn't giving me the personal or professional fulfilment I was looking for. I had heard about the Rape Crisis through a close friend and was instantly interested in supporting such a worthy cause. I've now been on the helpline for over 8 months now and have learnt a wealth of knowledge along the way, as well as getting involved in campaigning at local events. With the immaculate training provided I was able to take a leap of faith and applied for a support worker role, one that I personally did not feel I had the skill set for, however after an unexpected interview I was told I had been successful and was offered the job. Feedback I was given was that they were so impressed with the amount of work/training I had done with the charity that sold my application and the skills/knowledge I have gained because of it. I cannot thank DRCSC enough for their continued support and look forward to supporting them with future campaigns
It’s a sometimes challenging but very worthwhile experience being involved giving emotional support on the Helpline. It’s not rocket science and it isn’t for everybody but for me, it gives me a sense that at times, I can make a difference to another person’s life
Helpline Volunteer
I initially started the helpline in order to push myself out of my comfort zone and use my free-time to support others. However, my volunteer experience has been extremely rewarding and has massively changed my outlook on life. It has allowed me to be flexible with other commitments, whereby I've recently been able to take some time off to focus on my university work. And so, I feel privileged to be apart of the DRCSC team.
Helpline Volunteer
Being a helpline listener is hugely rewarding. I've learnt new skills, met new people, learnt about myself and been there for people during a difficult time in their lives. DRCSC provides great initial and ongoing training, support and a warm, friendly environment in which to grow as a volunteer
Helpline Volunteer